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A NEW Black Beauty Theme
29.08.2018 - by Denis King

I'm not sure why I came up with the idea of re-visiting the Black Beauty theme after 40 some odd years, but I'm sure it had to have been inspired by working with my new Love Is In The Room team. I kept hearing Galloping Home (its real name) in a jazz setting. So I fiddled around with it a bit. Nothing struck me as wildly exciting. I mentioned it to Sarah. Her eyes lit up. Next thing you know, we're both focused on it.


Sarah is not "just" a voice, she's a musician through and through, and I can honestly say that without her input here, the "new" Black Beauty wouldn't be galloping home again. Sarah is fortunately far more objective than I am--maybe I was too close to the original (understandably). She made me step back. 


It worked. She was right about not trying to "jazz up" the opening phrase. She was right about using her voice as part of the orchestration. She was right about a lot of things. And I'm really happy with what we've come up with. It was released in 2018. 

Available here! **

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Our Black Beauty 2018 single was used for 'Gallopathon' this year with Miranda Hart and Comic relief! 
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